CinéDigital Manager


CinéDigital Manager®

A very intuitive system combined with

a user-friendly interface makes our software

essential to your theater’s day to day operations.

Multiple challenges have risen since exhibitors started switching from film to digital projection, changing the way single screen as well as multiplex theaters are managed. CinéDigital Manager® Theater Management System (TMS) was designed to help cinemas through this transition and take advantage of new opportunities.

Developed in close cooperation with projectionists and cinema owners, CinéDigital Manager® combines all key features in a user-friendly tactile interface : Digital Delivery, KDM Management, Playlists Editor, Scheduling, Monitoring, Reporting and more.

CinéDigital Manager® free Lite edition and Professional edition are available to all exhibitors.

Today over 6000 screens worldwide are using CineDigitalManager® TMS.

Will you be next ?