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    I was helping the manager of the test theatre learn how to create SPLs and scheduling shows, and I noticed two things that were interesting –

    1) is there a way to change the day a week starts? I have only ever seen the schedule week start on a Wednesday and end on a Tuesday, and we use Friday through Thursday. I looked pretty thoroughly, but found nothing.

    2) We had created part of a show playlist on a Dolby DSS100, and went to complete the SPL creation using the TMS, the three cues we put on the start of the SPL (three 10 second Black MOS, each with one cue macro on it:

    ‘Lamp On’ on the start of the first Black MOS,
    ‘Douser Open’ at the beginning of the second 10s Black MOS, then
    ‘MacroKey No. 2’ at the start of the third Black MOS)

    had shifted on the TMS screen so that the

    ‘Lamp On’ cue was where it started out on the first 10 second Black MOS, the
    ‘Douser Open’ was at the end of the *first* 10 second Black MOS, then the
    ‘MacroKey No. 2’ cue was at the end of the *second* 10 second Black MOS,

    which left the third 10 second Black MOS with no cue on it at all.

    I used the TMS to move the cues back to their intended places, then went to the Dolby content server to see if the cues were where they were supposed to be, and the first cue was correct, the second cue was on the second Black MOS at the *end* of the CPL instead of the beginning, and the third cue was at the *end* of the third Black MOS instead of the beginning.

    I then used the Dolby server, and changed the location of the two cues, each to the beginning of their respective CPLs, and when I went to look at them on the TMS, the SPL showed the first one exactly where it was intended to be, and the last two cues at the end of each Black MOS they were supposed to be in.

    Graphically, this all started out so that it should look like:

    10s Black MOS
    ‘Lamp On’ cue (@0:00)
    10s Black MOS
    ‘Douser Open’ cue (@0:00)
    10s Black MOS
    ‘MacroKey No.2’ cue (@0:00)

    which turned into:

    10s Black MOS
    ‘Lamp On’ cue (@ 0:00)
    ‘Douser Open’ cue (@ 0:09)
    10s Black MOS
    ‘MacroKey No.2’ cue (@ 0:09)
    10s Black MOS

    which I ‘fixed’ which then had the Dolby report it as:

    10s Black MOS
    ‘Lamp On’ cue (@ 0:00)
    10s Black MOS
    ‘Douser Open’ cue (@ 0:09)
    10s Black MOS
    ‘MacroKey No.2’ cue(@ 0:09)

    which, again I fixed to have them all at 0:00 of each CPL using the Dolby DSS100, which made the TMS report them as:

    10s Black MOS
    ‘Lamp On’ cue (@ 0:00)
    10s Black MOS
    ‘Douser Open’ cue (@ 0:09)
    10s Black MOS
    ‘MacroKey No.2’ cue(@ 0:09)

    I did reload the SPL after each change, so I know it wasn’t a neglect of refreshing.

    The only thing I do not know is if it is not actually changing anything, and it is just a graphical oddity, though I know that the TMS was showing the two cues as being on one Black MOS CPL (I tried hiding the cues, and both disappeared)

    I did transfer one different SPL from the Dolby upstairs to the Doremi downstairs to check on the macro names I was changing, and the Doremi did have both ‘Lamp On’ and ‘Douser Open’ on the same CPL, and I did check that the Dolby SPL had them separate.

    I hope I was not unclear, as I would like to solve this problem, as we’re always concerned about ensuring that all cues that go to the same device are not on the same CPL.

    If it helps, I can simply take a photo of the Dolby screen with the cues on it, and a screen capture of what the TMS is showing.

    Also, if I am not being clear, let me know, and I shall try to explain better. I would like to get this sorted out before we start determining our costs in purchasing the software to replace our other theatres’ TMSs (which will be after we sort out some networking annoyances)

    I look forward to your response, and thank you for any help you can provide!

    Leslie Hartmier



    Hello Leslie,

    You can change the first day of week by editing the file in the installation directory of the TMS. This file is mostly in French at the moment, sorry about that!
    The line to be edited is:
    « JourDebutSemaine=3 »
    where 3 stands for Wednesday (1 for Monday, 7 for Sunday)
    Change it to 5 in your case.

    Your second problem may be caused by the Black DCPs you’re using. Indeed, Black MOS content do not exactly last the duration they are intended to last (for instance Black MOS 10 s. actually lasts 238 frames instead of 240 frames).
    This is a source of automation shift when creating playlists.

    Can you please download those Black DCPS (5 and 10 seconds):

    Ingest them on the server, change the reference blacks in the TMS Wizard and build another playlist with those blacks.

    Please let me know whether this solves your issue or not.



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